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Overload Tuesday

Tuesday 28th February

11.00am Luc Tymans giving Tuesday Talk

12.00 Wine tasting with Norman Woffenden and Vernon Henn the MD of Thandi vineyards

1.30 pm Meeting with TOMAS (Publicity Team)

2.30 pm Jennifer Harris ‘Global Threads’  Tour

PLUS  FINAL COPY DATE for next mailing 6th March



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technology overload

Just went and signed up for an iPhone. Took the plunge to sign contract (£16.50 per month ) for the first time. You can buy an iPhone from O2 for £319 and ‘pay-as-you-go’ but that seemed cowardly when getting an iPhone! Have failed every action so far but am hopeful of improvement for the future with Adele as ‘Helpline’. Apparently you have to go to O2 shop to have the internet turned off, to avoid massive bills, if you take your iPhone abroad on holiday, .

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