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Triumph: I have successfully downloaded the Art Fund app.

Tribulation: Still not able to e-mail by iPhone, but we are nearer to understanding why – probably something to do with Gus having the main e-mail with mine being an add-on.

I thought S & S The Allure of Art Nouveau was much better this week, he was simply overpowered and outshone by his subjects. You can’t mess with Beardsley, Morris and Mackintosh not forgetting the very talented Mrs M. Can’t wait for next week – Klimt. Thoughts from The Dungeon on Tuesday, lots of people want to go to Vienna, we shall go – I’ll put in on the FOW wish list.

Our house has been assessed for a film location!!!! Had the Production Team – about 10 people taking photos today. Sadly not Downton Abbey or Upstairs/Downstairs just an advert! We’re probably just one of many sites being considered. At least the garden looks good after a solid week of gardening effort by ‘the gardener’.

Have a good week-end


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VIP Mary Griffiths event                         This opens with Ctrl + click

Quotes from Grayson Perry (Monday….theguardian)

  • “When I talk about dressing for humiliation, it’s probably a fantasy rather than actual”
  • Re Claire: “She’s not a real person. This is it. It’s me in a dress. I’m a busy man these days so I dress up when other people dress up, or I’m doing a show. If other people are putting on a bit of slap then I will.”

Tuesday TV: I thought I had recovered from my addiction to CSI and all clones but then Ted Danson appeared …….I’ve relapsed!!

Volunteer Video launch: at Museum of S & I last night, my appearance is mercifully brief.

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Something different….

Attended an organisers Forum for Heritage Open Days (HOD) at Emmanuel Church Didsbury. Lovely to see the William Morris window designed by Edward Burne-Jones. Lots of discussion about Social Media I was pleased to be able to announce – I Blog!

FOW Events for April to Sept mailed and uploaded onto website, anyone with time available please check.


TV: Wed, am enjoying the short affectionate programmes about Venice **** Is it time for another trip there?

TV: Thur, was really looking forward to the Art Nouveau programme and it was visually rewarding but the belle epoch was rather spoilt by attempted “bon mots”. ***

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It occurs to me, that had things been different, we would have been planning what to pack for our journey to Syria, who knew, what we really needed to pack were our Christian Louboutin’s!!!

Behind the scenes: Dilemma in Florence, would you remove a Vasari – Battle of Marciano to  expose a possible, unfinished Leonardo da Vinci – Battle of Anghiari? Please post answers.

Fully recommend this novel as mentioned in the Florence article.

In Sacred Hearts, Sarah Dunant captures the mystery—and the passion—in a Renaissance convent

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Busy week…..

Spent Monday with ‘Friends’ Allen & Beryl, totally awesome and memorable day.

Tuesday Talk: Unfortunately Ahmed Mater was unavailable but Stephen Stapleton, co-founder and director of the independent arts initiative Edge of Arabia gave a very interesting talk about his travels, and collaborations with artists in Saudi Arabia including Ahmed Mater.

March Museum Journal:
Final page: ‘Best in Show’ features our own Jennifer Harris and includes a fab. picture of the Tent of Sahib Tipu, Sultan of Mysore… exhibit in ‘Global Threads’

AGM went well with talks about the WAG development from Director Maria and MUMA architect, also latest news

Sarah Price – Rising Star of the Horticultural World

We are delighted to have appointed Sarah Price as Landscape Consultant for the project. We are very lucky to have such a rising star working on the project and Sarah has some great ideas for making the landscape around the Whitworth very beautiful indeed!

Just been elected to FOW Programme Sec. after 4 year apprenticeship!! scary hope I’m up to the job.

Caught some good TV this week. Monday Storyville: Who is Gorky? An abstract life. Exploring the 1947 suicide of artist Arshile Gorky…… Unmissable, edgy and very personal.

Last night, Thursday. Watched The Hidden Art of Islam with Rageh Omaar. Featured Venetia Porter (2010 Pilkington Lecturer) at the BM. Included pictures of the glorious Isfahan Mosques as seen on FOW travels through Iran also in 2010.

Don’t forget Culture Show Tonight at 7.00pm

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Have a good weekend

I am unable to post a Link to the Lincoln students postcard auction but, searching “lovefromlincoln” should find it. They have now added some interesting work by familiar artists e.g.   Pavel Büchler/  Susie MacMurray/ Emily Speed/ Andrew Bracey

Bids will close at midnight on Wednesday 21st March.

I have also had an email from Andrew Bracey about an exhibition in MMU Holden Gallery which is showing some of his work, also work by Jeremy Deller…16 March to 04 May 2012.

Director Maria is now in training for THREE triathlons this summer to raise money for the WAG Development, more info & JustGiving Link in mailing.

Lars Tharp/Capesthorne now confirmed as ‘Afternoon tea with a glass of Madeira’ to start at 2.00pm 24th April.

Next week

Artist’s Talk: Ahmed Mater
Tuesday, 13 March, Talk & discussion: 11.00am – 12.30pm, Free
Ahmed Mater will reflect on how he reconciles being a doctor and an artist, shedding light on Saudi Arabia’s secretive society and culture. Mater will be in conversation with Stephen Stapleton, co-founder and director of the independent arts initiative Edge of Arabia.
Born in Abha, Saudi Arabia in 1979, Ahmed Mater is recognised as one of the most influential contemporary Arab artists. Mater’s work was first exhibited in the UK in the British Museum’s 2008 Word into Art exhibition; his work is currently on show at the British Museum as part of Hajj: A Journey to the Heart of Islam until 15 April 2012.

Wednesday: AGM

Friday: Last Art lecture – John Renshaw – practising artist & Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Chester

Gardening weekend coming up – enjoy




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Copy date met – almost – with usual OMG last minute changes.

Tomorrow Fri 9th

Art lecture : Dr Breccy Kennedy starting @ 12.30pm

Film: ‘Rembrandt’ starting @ 6.00pm

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