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Well, even though I say it myself, yesterday was a lovely day and a great occasion. Everything went well, speaker, food and sunshine, all great. We will all be better able to ‘read’ Hogarth pictures in future.

I love stories from the day, the lady on my table who won the Neil MacGregor book in the raffle was totally thrilled and almost went into shock when we showed her the signature, we couldn’t have found a better winner. Another lady on my table Wendy (friend of Christine’s) was in raptures about Greece, especially Thessaloniki, I think she might have advised a bit on the programme? She says we are going to some wonderful places.

Went to The Harris Gallery in Preston last week and the building is jaw-droppingly grand (that’s a quote from a Guardian Blog). Went to see an exhibition of Art from Private Collections one of whom I plan to take an FOW group to in September and some of the collectors I have met at Contemporary Art Society events. Lots of interesting stuff in the Permanent Collection too, it’s on my list, possibly for next year.

Sussex next, crack of dawn start for most of us travellers – looking forward to a holiday. Long range weather shows wet but a bit warmer Sun & Monday but fine on Tuesday.

I have been asked about Corridor8 an arts journal edited by Bryony Bond also Curator (Temporary Exhibitions) at WAG.

Corridor8 is an annual international journal of contemporary visual art and writing based in the North of England

Link (Ctrl + click)   Corridor8

Remember the advert film crew?

Expected at 8.30pm this evening with contract

  • They are only interested in THE STUDY!!!!
  • It will all happen on the day we are coming home from Sussex

Further information on request!!


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Attended a Social Media workshop in Zion Centre, Hulme last week. Met people from the Preston workshops, who had met and remembered Adele as soon as I mentioned FOW. We are getting FOW known in the Social Media world, hope we are ‘impressing with our enthusiasm’ if nothing else! Also in the Zion is an delightful exhibition of wood carvings by Rachel Ramchurn.


Saturday joined CAS at a studio visit in Todmorden to see the work of Matthew Houlding, I have met him before and seen his work which is great fun and very desirable, it’s a bit like hanging a tropical island with palm trees and swimming pool on the wall – well the pool doesn’t actually have water in it. Then on to Leeds Art Gallery, Gary Hume retrospective, lots of familiar work and the gallery have transformed the upper floor to show the exhibition in full natural light. I realise that Gary Hume’s glorious colours and sexy paintings make Modern Art Curators go weak at the knees.

At the Henry Moore Institute a cool exhibition by Michael Dean, of sumptuous carpet and tactile concrete sculpture, you can touch & feel, and lie down on the carpet if you feel like it. This one in the picture did look a bit like chocolate but licking might have been a step too far.

If the Art was restorative the iPhone saga continued, with what I hope is the final chapter where we booked ‘a guru’ appointment at O2 in the Arndale centre. No options left after a 2 hour phone call to the O2 helpline aborted some of the progress we had made ourselves. Anyway for now it is all working. However I must advise on a fate worse than death, never attempt to go to the Apple store in the Arndale, even on a Monday early afternoon, it was shoulder to shoulder, standing room only, progressing by a sort of  ‘soft shoe shuffle’!!

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I once saw the shark when it was in the City Hall, Saatchi Gallery – it was terrific, it seemed to move as you walked round it, you got the impression it was moving towards you.

Butterfly pieces; sort of bought life/death then made into something beautiful/gruesome depending on what you think – like Gunther von Hagens maybe?

Spot paintings; I didn’t really understand you could have 1000s of spots or 2 spots. I have always intended to make my own, suppose everyone had one? It would then represent a sort of universal icon that everyone had to have, from a ‘do-it-yourself’ one to a fabulously valuable one done by the Master.

The scull; why not try to make the most valuable sculpture in the world, who else was going to buy all those diamonds, an oil sheik or a Russian oligarch? At least we all get the chance to see them now. We (Mastermind & me) once did an on-line competition, one question a day for 14 days, to win an original Damien Hirst skull/spin painting. I was convinced I would win, I would have loved to own it, I was so caught in the moment, I have a newspaper copy of it framed, I don’t think you can tell the difference.

Corrections & clarifications

Cornerstones April 2nd 2012; should of course have read Cornerhouse, the old brain sometimes gets stuck in a groove from a previous life.

Congratulations; To Adele’s daughter Holly on her new job

Holly’s job is marketing the ‘Gasworks’, a contemporary art space in Vauxhall, almost opposite Tate Britain across Vauxhall Bridge. It has strong links with the Whitechapel & people in that sphere seem to rate it as a sound organisation. I think it’s a bit like Castlefield.  Holly loves emerging artists!

Another talented ‘TT daughter’ to join to London Art Scene!!

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Went with Gill to Cornerstones on Saturday to attend a seminar on Collecting Performance Art to explore the challenges of collecting an art form which is ephemeral and resists commodification. You can say that again, but we were enthralled by the last speaker – Robert Lee from The Collective. His talk was brilliant in a laid back sort of way.

The Collective is a growing network of groups collecting, sharing and enjoying cutting edge contemporary art in their homes or places of work. It was founded in 2002 in London by a group of art professionals and families interested in living with the art of today.  They are now very well known having been interviewed by all the Art press & ‘our own’ AG-D, I could go on but I’m probably boring everyone.

The ‘scene’ then moved on to Bureau (gallery) to meet (and view) Mary Griffiths’ exhibition Fathom, see 2 attached pics. Very difficult to do justice to this giant piece of work on a wall which is there for the duration of the exhibition and will then be painted over. Just needs a corporation to commission a ‘rehang’ in a permanent position. Mary recounted the influence Pavel B has had on her artistic career, turning her from a doodling water colourist into an abstract artist and onto the national stage. There were several pieces in the same series as the piece she has generously donated to our auction…… which, of course we took the opportunity to publicise.

Re: Sussex Trip and local Elections

Decided to apply for a postal vote as Election day is the day we are due home, don’t expect I’ll feel like turning out after we get back. I can advise downloading the form (for Manchester anyway) was easy I even completed it on line which was really very simple and just printed it to sign and post. Do have a go! Note to anyone not on the trip, postal voting is available to everyone you don’t need a reason.

Sorry this is lengthy but we did enjoy Saturday (Avant-garde = Contemporary Art Society)

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