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Sad to see the end of the excellent Grayson Perry series, the last one, as usual, spot on but I did think he chose to target the threadbare/extremely eccentric  end of the upper class tribe; found it very sad actually.

People settling down early to watch the above may have spotted the long awaited Lottery advert just before the start, well more like a damp squib, there are a couple of extremely brief scenes that were filmed here but unless you had seen them being filmed you certainly can’t tell they are here.

Crashing on; I loved the Social Media schoolgirl who filmed her school dinners and by accident has raised nearly £100,000 for school kitchens in Malawi. Am looking for inspiration!!

Does anyone have an opinion of the next chairman of the Arts Council, the Guardian report Peter Bazalgette as a ‘shoo-in’. Seems like it might be an important appointment for the future of Art as we know it now. I see libraries are now to be part of Art & Culture, I suppose we may be going to libraries to view art in the future. They’ll probably chuck parks in as well next. Farms & hospitals eventually maybe?

I see the Culture Show has now been banished from prime time BBC2 to 10.00pm, the review of the Monet, Turner, Twombly Exhibition just starting in Tate Liverpool looked very exciting – we have just a couple of tickets left for 22 August day trip to Liverpool & the Tate.

No gardening this weekend, looks like it will be ‘hold on to the roof’ weather !!


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Comrade G reports from The Hay on Wye literary festival where she attended an enormous number of stimulating talks on topics ranging from Scientific Discoveries to Politics, Poetry and Art and heard speakers including Michael Morpurgo, Boris Johnson, A.C. Grayling to name but a few.  And I must mention Watson of Crick and Watson fame: The Double Helix, DNA !!!!!! And Simon Armitage her favourite poet! Her verdict: Brilliant but absolutely freezing.                                                                                 Her recommendation for essential television viewing is the Levenson Enquiry.

Adele is relaxing (no access to E-mails!!!) in Baslow. She saw the Anthony Caro but unfortunately missed the Frank Cohen* exhibition at Chatsworth. I am curious about Chatsworth’s new gold leaf window frames – yes, gold leaf, apparently. I didn’t even know that gold on outdoor statues wasn’t just gold paint but how would you open and shut windows covered with gold leaf .

*Cohen is a Manchester man born and bred. He still lives here (he says he left Manchester years ago but actually lives just down the road in Wilmslow), and made his fortune with a national DIY chain. He has devoted himself to collecting artwork since 1997 and describes it as ‘like running a business. My business is art and I work seven days a week at it.’  When the pre-recession art boom forced prices up, Cohen decided to focus his attentions on the East, to up-and-coming artists working in Japan, China and India, and it is this work that forms the [current Facing East Feb 2010] exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery.                          Anyone know him?

TV: I watched Matthew Collings (now grey bearded) on Turner, very scholarly and well reviewed but am still recovering from GP on the middle classes.

Sign the 38 degrees petition for appointment of independent DG @BBC

Keep the BBC independent

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OMG how chillingly accurate!!!   He is just so clever but it was an uncomfortable watch.

It was Sue & Norman who sent me under the sofa to cover my ears  & scream. Of course I don’t have William Morris wallpaper specially not WILLOW. But, erm, do admit some to WM soft furnishings……I will never take anyone round my house again!!!

Re; Lucie Rie or Edmund de Waal voting was split 50/50. I would not want just one E de W pot, I’d have to have a group and I thought that would be an installation (my choice). Rosemary would like a Lucie Rie but it would have to be presented to her by E de W

Re: The Naked Cyclists in Town for the We Face Forward Opening party. It was apparently a protest about how many cyclists are killed on the roads every year. I missed ‘the protest’ but if anyone has a photo please send. Definitely added to the excitement of the evening.

Total tragedy: dates for 2012 Buy Art Fair – 27-30 Sept – we’ll be in Thessalonoki

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I’m exhausted from watching too much television!

The last week has been a week of parties for FOWs. Starting with the thrilling Auction at Castlefield, I have been digesting the programme with Final Bids pencilled in by  ‘a friend’. Then Plant Heritage meeting in Alexandra Park, Oldham now in splendid condition after a lottery funded makeover. Celebration in Whalley Range for a newly restored stained glass window. AND then the crazy evening of ART partying in Manchester starting with a flowing wine reception in MAG, stepping on a coach & taken to WAG, where there was beer and delicious curry served by Peter (+ daughter), Helen & Co from the bistro. Haven’t really had time to absorb all the colourful and amazing art from West Africa. There is still the Museum & Platt Hall to see and not to forget the sounds of an African street market in Whitworth Park.

Then there was the Jubilee…. I was very stressed watching the Q stand for 4 hours in the freezing cold when I can only hardly stand for half an hour…total respect and beautiful Duchess Kate freezing in a flimsy dress. And all those people in boats and singers singing in the torrential rain. I then had to watch the horse show, which I was pleased about, as Q seemed to really enjoy that and everyone was sitting down and dry.

Watched a really good TV programme about the Delphic Oracle last week, I know we’re not going to Delphi but it put me ‘in the zone’. Am reading ‘Alexander the Great’ by Robin Lane Fox (biography). I don’t usually get down to reading from the Bibliographies for Distant Horizon Hols. but I like biographies. First 10% (Kindle) was assassination, murder, assassination and massacre hope someone survives but I already know what happens at Persepolis!

Must finish with GP’s ‘All in the Best Possible Taste’, of course I loved every minute and am looking forward to next week. He told Gill & I when he came to Manchester he had just been making this programme.

Photo of the week, chosen by Gus


Finally, Adele met Gill (& daughter Alexandra) in the middle of Norfolk, you can’t go anywhere without bumping into FOWs

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