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   Whitworth Tapestry by Eduardo Paolozzi, 1967

Edinburgh Festival 2012: A century of tapestry

Britain’s oldest tapestry studio has survived the dark days of the medium. Now, a landmark exhibition suggests that weaving is on the up.

Remarkably little has changed at Britain’s oldest surviving tapestry studio in the century since it was founded. Two world wars, more than 800 tapestries, and a digital revolution later, the thread is still unravelling in Edinburgh’s Dovecot Studios.


Nile by Patrick Procktor Whitworth Collection

Opens Saturday 25th August 2012, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Patrick Procktor: Art and Life, Curated by Ian Massey

Huddersfield Art Gallery
Princess Alexandra Walk

This exhibition will show paintings and works on paper by Patrick Procktor. As the first museum’s show of Procktor’s work since his death in 2003, it will constitute a unique opportunity to consider the career of this somewhat neglected artist. It will also explore the cultural context and Procktor’s life in 1960s and 1970s London.

Note from the Editor – Ian Massey will be giving a lecture to FOW 15 Feb 2013 on Keith Vaughan


      Two pictures from the FOW outing to Liverpool on 22 Aug

How wonderful to be able to walk all the way round Jacob & the Angel it looked                      fabulous in the Tate Liverpool Entrance


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Did everyone in Manchester groan when the cauldron was revealed, I have found this information on the internet – we need to get Maria interested in doing something about it – Whitworth Park perhaps!!!

Mr Heatherwick said: “I am proud of B of the Bang.  Although there were structural issues with the project, these could have been resolved. At the recent opening of an exhibition of my studio’s work at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum that has a particular highlight on the project, the Academy Award winning Manchester born film director Danny Boyle gave the opening speech and made an impassioned plea for it to be rebuilt. I’m still hopeful that one day we can work with the people of the city and Manchester City Council to bring the structure back.”

There’s not a lot more to be said about The Ceremony, Q and all that followed, I’m loving it all.


Clore Award for Museum Learning

Whitworth Art Gallery and Leicestershire County Council Heritage and Arts Service have each been presented £10,000 as joint winners of the Clore Award for Museum Learning 2012.

The double award reflects the outstanding quality of the shortlisted programmes and the Clore Duffield Foundation’s desire to celebrate innovation in museum learning.

The Clore Award 2012 has a focus on work with children and young people. The Award celebrates quality museum and gallery learning with children and young people (from early years up to the age of 25) in any setting, in or out of school/college. It recognises achievements in learning programmes which develop the skills, knowledge, values and enjoyment of the participants.


Myles and Liz have been in touch, they thought the Beverley trip was fantastic!!

Ken sends this picture of an ‘Iron Man in his woolly jumper ‘  from Crosby Another Place

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