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I have always had a close attachment to Derbyshire as my mother was from that county and I spent a lot of time there as a child. I have just had a wonderful four days staying in Chelmorton with three friends from School (lock-up for teenage girls in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland) one from Essex, one from Sth Ireland and one from Nth Ireland. Another one sadly succumbed to breast cancer a few years ago.  We didn’t meet for 40 years and have only met a couple of times in the last few years . Fortunately the drama and emotion is accompanied by art and music and a lot of hilarity.

We called in to the  Buxton  Museum & Art Gallery for the  exhibition Revealing The World. Recommended by Jean & Derek and well worth a visit  if you are in the area. Then Chatsworth on a glorious sunny day. The new Sculpture Exhibition in the gardens is all Barry Flanagan’s wonderful but moody, leaping, flying hares, sad to know he died of Motor Neurone Disease at the very young age of 68.

We finished off the weekend with Foden’s Brass Band in Buxton Opera House, very enjoyable indeed.

One specially for Muriel and readers of yesterday’s Guardian. Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene !!!!

I continue to enjoy Alastair Sooke’s The Treasures of Ancient Rome, I haven’t watched the last episode yet but I particularly liked his style in the 2nd programme when he was describing the unmentionable sexual activities of the Roman Emperors.

Meanwhile I’m off to Thessaloniki on Monday with ‘Friends’


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Extract from FOKY Newsletter 2007

“In the afternoon, an absolute jaw-dropping highlight to the trip: a visit to the house and garden of Ronnie Duncan in Weston on the edge of Ilkley Moor which I can only describe as a Kettle’s Yard of the north, a row of cottages gradually acquired over 50 years with every wall covered with works by Hilton, Heron, Davie, pieces by Ian Hamilton Finlay, not to mention exotic tribal pieces from West Africa and vernacular furniture. Ronnie himself was on hand to explain the iconographic significance of the garden design with its layers of sculpture, objets trouvés, calligraphy and modern-day runes”

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I am enjoying Parade’s End but I struggle a little bit with Benedict Cumberbatch, not sure if it is him or the characters he plays, he always looks as though he is about to burst into tears, which doesn’t quite fit the character he is playing here, I really like the quote Victoria Coren used in the Observer today about the character of Christopher Tietjens (see Blog title). The women are of course all splendid and they are filming in some wonderful Arts & Crafts houses. If you’re not watching you are missing a treat. I also watched a programme about Ford Madox Ford who is the grandson of Ford Madox Brown. Must try to get to the Raphaelite Exhibition about to open at Tate Brit soon and also read the book about the PRB, ‘Wives and Stunners’ by Henrietta Garnett who is the grand-daughter of Vanessa Bell. Circles & Squares again! In spite of working with Jean for 3 years I still haven’t got over my love of the PRBs.

I also stumbled on a re-showing of The Shock of the New the controversial 1979  documentary on Modern Art by Robert Hughes. Not having seen it first time around I was very pleased to see it repeated again following his death last month. Well worth watching there are copious amounts of art on film and Robert Hughes is a brilliant commentator and critic, there was just something a bit irritating about the camera work but it was made over 30 years ago – don’t know that we even had a colour telly then!

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