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Long time no Blog

Much has happened since my last Blog

Obama won four more years – yes that long!

Andrew Graham-Dixon wowed us all at the Pilkington and kissed me good-bye! Alice Kettle charmed us at the Christmas lunch and I was on the team that won the Quiz.

I finally got to Huddersfield to see Ian Massey’s exhibition on Patrick Procktor. Loved the Art Decco Gallery and the Exhibition was well worth the visit.

Also saw the ‘Japanese Cloisonné: The Seven Treasure’ (Sat 6 October – Sun 6 January 2013) at Bolton Museum & Gallery touring from the V & A – catch it if you can as it tours around the country.

The sitting room ceiling is falling down and I had set my sights on ‘hall stairs and landing’ next year but it looks like sitting room might be priority!! Am researching wall paper – happy days. I now know Vivienne Westwood also designs wallpaper. Which reminds me Maria & Nick are about to move into Moon Grove (Pavel also resides in the area) and Caroline is off to Harrogate. She came in to the Gallery to say goodbye on Tuesday.

I’m trying to make decisions on Sir Roy Strong and the 2013 Pilk looks like the Museum is the best choice with dinner at the Christie Bistro. The situation is fluid and changes on an almost daily basis. We won’t be doing many Events that need room hire while the gallery is closed as the costs are astronomical. Stuart says, it shows how important the use of rooms in WAG is to FOW organisation.

Polishing and cleaning for Christmas visitors – if we didn’t do it for visitors we never would.

In case this is the last Blog before Christmas I wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas.


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