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Went to Barnaby Art Trail in Macclesfield last weekend with the Contemporary Art Society. We visited many venues in one action packed afternoon including Giant, inflatable heads by Brass Art collective in Christ Church and we listened to Marc Yeats talking about his immersive combination of painting and music. Finally with just hard core artoholics still standing we went to the edge of town, down by the railway tracks, to Sunderland St. Open Studios and just loved the work by Ralph McGaul whose art reminded me instantly of Berlin, he does admit to Die Brücke among his influences and yes we did buy one. The festival is still on tomorrow for anyone looking for a day out. Parking in the centre of Macclesfield is amazingly easy & convenient.

Thursday was Sheffield Graves Gallery ( great C20 collection) & wonderful Renishaw Hall and gardens. I watched a TV programme yesterday with Lucinda Lampton talking about Renishaw and she descirbed Dame Edith Sitwell as the original ‘Rapper’. I am told we have a CD of ‘Facade’ but not Dame Edith (who declaimed the verses through a megaphone and insisted that it should be performed entirely without expression) – I must make time to sit and listen.

Next week end we are off to a ‘Gathering’ in Ireland. Back to the village of Slane where I grew up, which is close the site of the Battle of the Boyne (King James & William of Orange). Also noted for a cluster of Stone Age Passage Tombs the most important being Newgrange. St Patrick was there too, of course!


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