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Oh and the Biennale too! Guided by Mark & Rebecca from Contemporary Art Society. Where to start, Iraq where else, who gave us a warm welcome, brilliant cartoons, soft sofa’s & tea. Followed by a whole day of Collateral Events including a shocking (pink) video from Ireland by a war artist Richard Mosse who managed to follow a band of rebel fighters in Eastern Congo using a photography technique that turns green to pink, making a stark message strangely beautiful. Angola, who happened to exhibit in the Palazzo Cini surrounded by a private collection of Renaissance art. Next day the Arsenale a vast collection of work by individual artists from all over the world. My favourites all seemed to be by dead, outsider artists especially the colourful tapestries by Papa Ibra TallIMG_0286 (pic 1) from Senegal. I did like the plastic strap muscle figures of IMG_0272Pawal Althamer (pic 2). I also liked another video here, by Aurelien Froment, of a mnemonist in the Teatre Olimpico in Vicenza (been there on FOW trip), who demonstrates her own feats of memory and recites from the system devised by Greek lyric poet Simonides…………it’s complicated but reminded me of my own performance with the artist Monica Ross in WAG.

Skip to the Giardini Pavilions, I got barked at by the KGB in the Russian pavilion for not following the rules – but maybe that was part of the installation – either way, I was glad to escape. Leaving the very best till last, our own Jeremy Dellor has made a wonderful show in the British pavilion. I hope it travels and everyone gets a chance to see it. For anyone planning a trip, the one to miss, Lithuania/Cyprus something to do with seven flights of stairs which was greatly improved by one of our group accidently sending a large steel barrier crashing down a flight of stairs making a great noise.

Must mention the 20,000 visitors to Wag on the Final Weekender exhibitions. Maria was happy!

Has everyone been watching Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth with Dr Michael Scott? Saw some familiar places inc. the cave outside Syracuse and tomb of Philip, Alexander’s Dad at Vergina. Lovely to look at – the Greek theatres I mean.

Anyone who visited the Makers exhibition at CUBE Gallery on Portland St will be interested to learn from Good Woodworking magazine that the “ever evolving Manchester Art Gallery” is offering discerning visitors the chance to buy luxurious items of furniture from the renowned craftspeople who exhibited in CUBE.  Their work was lovely – a couple of us bought!! Available from this autumn.


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