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Opus Anglicanum

Inspired by the BBC4 programmes Made in England. [Just found this Blog I had forgotten to publish].  The first 2 programmes were about wallpapers and Christine Woods (retired WAG wallpaper curator ) made several appearances. But it was the third programme, about Embroidery, that I found most interesting. Opus Anglicanum i.e. Made in England. I emailed Frances Pritchard (textile curator WAG) to see if there are any embroideries from this period in the WAG collection and received this reply –

Dear Joan. I watched the programme on the opus anglicanum on my computer last Thursday evening before it vanished. It was an interesting approach to the subject. Lisa Monnas who talked about the Merchant Taylors’ pall is a friend of mine. I did, however, prefer the programme on the wallpapers! We only have one cross orphrey that could be said to be opus anglicanum but it dates to the late 15th century so nothing like the wonderful copes and chasubles. Its accession number is T.8297. It was shown in the Textile Gallery case 7, What do Textiles Say?: Patterns of Power and Protection – from March 2006 – 2009. It includes Saint Christopher and St George below a depiction of the Crucifixion. Best wishes Frances

Cross orphrey WAG

Orphrey, is a form of highly detailed embroidery, in which typically simple materials are made into exquisite patterns. In 1182 and 1183 Henry II of England spent lavishly on orphreys. This word comes from Old French orfreis, from Late Latin auriphrygium, from Latin aurum gold + Phrygius Phrygian.

Orphrey bands are often worn on clerical vestments, a tradition that began in the 12th century Roman Catholic church. The finest examples of orphrey can take hundreds of hours of work and sell for thousands of pounds (Wikipedia).

Last Picture Show for Wendy’s Gallery (MEN Thur Oct 24 2013)

The Wendy J Levy Gallery in Didsbury, run by art dealer Wendy Levy, will shut its doors for the last time on December 21st.


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Congratulations to Adele for winning a Facebook competition to attend the Turner Prize Award Ceremony in Derry-Londonderry on Monday 2nd December. The prize includes places for two people at the ceremony (she’s taking daughter Holly) + flights and a two night stay in a Riverside Hotel.

To my great surprise our visit to The Turner Prize exhibition on our  trip to D/LD was one of the highlights of the trip. T P refuseniks entered into the spirit and joined with the exhibition staff in the joyous excitement. Adele favours Laure Prouvost for the prize. I’m supporting David Shrigley. However the Art world commentators are all tipping Tino Sehgal

Also well done to Ken Shone for his ‘appearance’ on Woman’s Hour to talk about Whitworth Park and the Archaeological Digs.

I’ve just read a review of a new production of The Island by Athol Fugard. This is the funny/powerful/classic  play we saw in The Market Theatre in Jo’burg, SA, when we were there. I strongly recommend anyone with an evening to spare in London to go to see it at the Young Vic. I wonder if it will tour to Manchester?

Final message from Roy Strong after his enjoyable visit to Manchester to give the Pilkington Lecture. “You were a dream audience. Loved my visit! RS” He was particularly impressed with no speeches at the Dinner!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFriends of the Whitworth visiting the Giant's Causeway

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