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I was thrilled to stumble upon Stanley Spencer’s Sandham Memorial Chapel panels in MAG last Tuesday, when whiling away an hour before a meeting. These painting have been on my ‘must see’ list for years. With a room of their own and seats to sit down, it is possible to spend a long time looking and reading and just enjoying. Manchester is the last stop on their exhibition tour before they are reinstalled in their  restored chapel in Hampshire. But don’t expect the large alter piece, as that is apparently part of the wall and couldn’t be moved, so there is just a poster of that. But the side panels are a visit everyone should make before 1st March 2015.


Kit Inspection, Stanley Spencer Manchester Art Gallery

Following alerts from Adele, I have been reading about Gorgeous George’s present to his Manchester constituents a £78m new Theatre + everything else you need to be a major city for ‘The Arts’.

The venue (on the old Granada Studios site) is to be called The Factory, in homage to the city’s legendary Factory Records label. It will hold up to 5,000 people and provide a permanent home for the Manchester International Festival.The plans were announced by Mr Osborne in his Autumn Statement on Wednesday. The venue is due to open by 2019.

Maria Balshaw, Director of Manchester City Galleries, said: “Manchester, at the heart of a wider region, has unique potential to become the cultural counterweight to London that the UK needs for successful economic and creative growth. Today’s announcement is a tremendous leap towards realising that vision”

and on Twitter                                                                                     5.05 train to London but still smiling after news about The Factory Manchester. Will glad when the trains go faster tho……….

One week later……… FOW Christmas lunch at the Lowry went well we had a speaker with a loud voice, who everyone could hear, which was a starting bonus. Also definitely worth a visit is the Akram Khan’s labyrinth of artistic influences (includes work by A Gormley & A Kapoor). Plus a truly wonderful photography exhibition by Andy Gotts featuring portraits of over one hundred international stars, Behind The Mask is a photographic census of actors and actresses who have won or been nominated for a BAFTA since 1954.


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