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The Candidates

The Candidates

What am I to do with my vote? It’s all on their badges!




I was really hoping for a gardening week but it’s raining. The programme has gone to the printers, it will inevitably contain errors but there is nothing more I can do except sit back and hope for loads of applications .

Birmingham looks worth a visit before 6th September to see William Morris and and Andy Warhol curated by Jeremy Deller………….The centrepiece of the exhibition is Birmingham’s Holy Grail tapestries, produced by Morris & Co., and the only series in a UK public collection. Displayed together for the first time since 2008, don’t miss your chance to view these rare and light sensitive works.

Lots of Bloomsbury action in the air at the moment a new book about David (Bunny) Garnet by Sarah Knights available on Kindle so no need to find room on the book shelves. Also a new television drama 3 part series starting tonight, Life in Squares BBC 2 at 9.00pm. Not all the previews have been good unfortunately but I’ll be glued anyway.


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